Body Language

The protagonist, Beau, is seeking for the body language that reflects her personal values best and does this by diving into different aesthetics and with the movements fitting these environments.
The philosophical fashion short film consists of three sceneries, in which the protagonist finds herself in three different environments, ultimately affecting the manner in which she moves her body.
The three different settings are a metaphor for fashion brands, each embodying different values and objectives, changing the body language of the protagonist.
Basic movements such as posing and walking are extended and expanded into exploratory dance movements.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed, Written and Produced by: Anouk Brouwer
DOP: Zeeger Verschuren
Steadicam Operator: Juliam Lomaga
Gaffer: Katja van den Broeke
Best boy: Sophia Schut
1st AC: Rohwel de Rot
2nd AC: Patrick Rietvelt
3rd AC: Mark Verhees
Hair and Make-Up: Stefano Carulli
Editor: Alex Pieterse
Music Composition: Marnix Vinkenborg
Sound Design: Marnix Vinkenborg
Colorist: Ruben Labree
Art Direction: Anouk Brouwer & Philippine Greeve
Production Assistants: Neža Bricelj, Sascha Bunge & Demi Wilkes
Performer: Judith van Vuuren
Gear: Camera Rentals, Camuse & Maloney


Genre: Experimental Movement Fashion Film
Country: Netherlands
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 5:03
YEAR: 2019