Blue Eyes

After the sudden passing of Jimmy’s father, Jimmy is left alone to deal with his father’s enormous debt. He comes across one of his old Yu-Gi-Oh packs his father had left for him and pulls out a Blue-Eyes White Dragon which is valued at $20,000.00. Now he must decide if he will sell the card, solving his debt but resulting in losing the last item his father left behind for him.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Writer, Director, Director of Photography & Editor – Harshith S. Kotni

Jimmy – David Mesropyan
Dad – Robert Adamic
Aunty Veronica – Revathi Suchita Kotni
Friend – Erik Dylan Matibag
Bank Teller – Simi Kattaura

Production Design – Justin Lee

Music By – Pierce Constanti, Fadi Khoury, Pano Fountas, George Hutson-Warren for 7th Floor Composer Group

2nd Unit Director of Photography – Enrique Camacho

Extras – Sam Perrings, Alex Gogan

Special Thanks – Alec Cohen-Schisler, Mission Barber, The Lee Family

The story behind the film

“Blue Eyes” was born out of the feeling of loss of innocence. Whenever I would go to the store and see Yu-Gi-Oh cards I would always miss the old times of my friends and I playing. I was so obsessed with the game that I would spend my weekends at the card shop playing in tournaments. I even forced my parents to take me across state lines for tournaments. I find it crazy that as I grew up I just dropped this part of myself almost seamlessly. As we grow up we become busy with our responsibilities and we start to throw away our hobbies. With the recent popularity of trading cards, I started to reminisce about those times. Now cards I used to have are worth hundreds of dollars. This got me thinking, what would happen to someone who is desperate and discovers a card that is worth $20,000.00. Especially a card that reminds them of their nostalgic past.


Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 8:16
YEAR: 2022