Freja takes on a new job as a personal carer and drives far out to the woods to meet Alma, a woman who, after getting mysteriously sick, is bound to a wheelchair. Her only way of communication is with her eyes, blinking once for yes and twice for no. Freja soon discovers that it’s not only Alma who is keeping secrets, but the very house itself.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Cindy Stenberg Director
Cindy Stenberg Writer
Katja Anttila Key Cast “Freja”
Isabel Camacho Key Cast “Alma”
Christina Aasa Bygdell Key Cast “Kerstin”
Lukas Markström Composer
Pontus Sundström Editing
Sanna Öhlund Art
Alexander Embretsén SFX
Sanna Öhlund SFX Assistant
Sara Johansson SFX Assistant
Pontus Sundström Director of photography
Pontus Sundström Producer
Cindy Stenberg Co-Producer

A whole new experience

This was my directorial debut in the world of making short film. It is truly a indie film, where everyone helps out, sew own clothes and second hand-thrifts. It was an intense couple of months, but the pay off was so worth it.
With an amazing team behind me we made this short film and I’m so proud of it.


Genre: Horror
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Length in minutes: 17:29
YEAR: 2019