Sant’Clair, a 25-year-old man, living in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro, is going through times of internal conflict in a period of pandemic. He, just as the whole world, is recluse, but his reason to be so is not the same as for the rest: his confinement is due to a psychic illness that has affected him for years, which prevents him from leaving home. The character, through a pessimistic monologue, draws parallels and regrets the fact that when the seclusion of the world (due to the pandemic) ends, his will continue. Sant’Claire, for not finding a better projection of life, chooses to fantasize good moments in his imagination, which takes him to any external place that makes him feel good, but his pessimism and disbelief about him getting better are so big that, even in the imaginary, it starts to bother him.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director – Doug Martins
Screenplay – Doug Martins
Producer – Maria Piragibe
Short Film — Starring Sant
Editor & Colorist – Gabriel Camacho
VFX – Gabriel Camacho
Soundtrack – Mr Break
Podcast – Mamilos
Translators – Alice Bastos & Ana Cecília Clark
Festival Coordinator and Funding – Maria Piragibe


Genre: Experimental
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Length in minutes: 00:03:25
YEAR: 2020