Agent Nanda

#Agent Nanda is an “A Rated Hitman” working for #Patriot. While Pat asks him, Nanda, to get “Nuclear Morse Codes” by any means to get his superpowers, Nanda denies doing the job as knew that Pat is a madman and he won’t hesitate to kill even the entire world.

This is a sequel, by the way, I’m working on a prequel which provides more depth on Nanda.

Before you mock me for lack of motivating camera movements,
I do need to state that I’m learning, and the equipment I had is a tripod and a camera (Nikon 3400D) and all the scenes you saw here are shot by tripod except for the fight scene.

For the fight scene, we had our dear friend @Tapan Nayak, who agreed to help us.

Featuring- Sai Yashwant as Agent Nanda & Praveen Kumar as Patriot.
Written, Directed and Edited By Praveen Kumar

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Sai Yashwant as Agent Nanda
Praveen Kumar as Patriot


Genre: Action / Drama
Country: India
Language: English
Length in minutes: 8.52
YEAR: 2019