A Quiet Morning

A man grapples with the consequences of one terrible choice.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written, Directed and Edited by Justin Suttles


Man – David Yazdiya
Patrick Harvey – Kenny Logsdon
Devin – Haven Sierra
Brian Voicemail – Christian Wallace
Radio News Anchor – Lauren Nixon


Director of Photography – Bryan Tan
Production Assistants – Stephen Barton, Christopher Barton
Location Sound – Josh Workman
Makeup FX – Haven Sierra
Post Sound Supervisor – Brittany Ellis
Post Production Sound – Brittany Ellis, Kyle Lammerding
Original Score – Tristan Seewer

Special Thanks To

George Suttles
Haven Sierra
Mariel Ibarra
Brooks Brandal
Barton Productions
Goodwin Productions


Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 8
YEAR: 2018