In the distant year of 2091, three warrior-hackers face off against a mad AI in a last-ditch effort to liberate their city, and save mankind’s future.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

A Trampoline Production

Ana Bokesa as “Nineteen”
Ziyi Yang as “Forty-One”
Filipa Ribeiro as “Six”

Written and Directed by Carlos J. Matos
Produced by Ana Hernando Reyes & Carlos J. Matos

Custom Garments by: Zer Collection

Director of Photography: Adonis Macias

Editor: Mayra Morán
Production Design: Marcelo Renieblas & Miguel Iglesias

Visual Effects: Adrian Perez & Lautaro Berrueco

Assistant Director: Irene Montes
Script Supervisor: Sergio Skidanov
Assistant Script Supervisor: Hanui Choi Chung
Production Assistant: Manu Soriano

Wardrobe Stylist: Barbara Portilla
Hair and Makeup: Sergio Jimenez

Casting by: Salvador Model Agency

1st AC: Miguel Aguilar
2nd AC: Javier Santos
3rd AC: Miriam Marin
Video Assistant: Ana Fuentes
DIT: Aitor Belena

Gaffer: Farid Myal
Best Boy Electrician: Jose “Pivot” Manuel
Electricians: Jon Alvan, Alicia del Viso, Fali Olaf, and David Bernal
Astera Technician: Jony Calderon
Laser Projector Technician: Nicolae Ioan

Machinist: Hugo Fermin Lopez Alonso
Assistant Machinist: Diego Piedrabuena

Colorist: Nadia Khairat
Graphic Designer: Eloise d’Estienne-d’Orves

Sound Design: Fiorella Coto and Santiago Coto

“Third Life” Written and Performed by ScummV
“Final Boss” Written and Performed by Bodytalkr

The story behind the film

2091 was born from a genuine desire to blend fashion and narrative in the same manner that Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner did so in 1982.

Much how Scott drew inspiration from Golden Age Hollywood fashion to design the look and feel of his film, the entirety of this project, from aesthetics to story, was inspired by and developed in collaboration with the Barcelona-based label Zer Collection (who design and create garments using 3D printing techniques and sustainable materials). The classic story of struggle against near insurmountable forces, of fighting to create a new way to replace the old, pays tribute to their incredible work.

As writer and director, it was equal parts a challenge and pleasure to attempt to tell a compelling narrative using just images without a single line of dialogue. The production itself was, without a doubt, the most ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted to do. It almost fell apart at one point, and never would have come together were it not for the hard work and tireless dedication of everyone involved.

It is a great excitement and honor to finally present it, and I sincerely hope you will enjoy it.


Genre: Sci-Fi
Country: Spain
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 7
YEAR: 2021